With its diversified team, FSB offers its clients a balanced combination of experienced professionals, comprised of journalists, public relations experts, research and marketing specialists, visual designers and programmers, web designers and digital planners.
It has a harmonious team of partners and collaborators with a broad vision of the universe of corporate communication and the most up-to-date techniques and media that help transform the information of each client into a planned potential success.

Meet the partners of FSB seta

Francisco Soares Brandão

Founding Partner

Entrepreneur and founding partner of FSB, with extensive experience in the communication sector.

Magno Trindade


Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Sciences from Faculdade Cândido Mendes and postgraduate studies in Business Management at FGV, with over 20 years experience in the financial market.

Marcos Trindade


Graduated in Business Administration, with postgraduate studies in Finance, and is specialized in planning.

Flávio Castro


Flávio did postgraduate studies at the University of Bologna and is a journalist with over 20 years experience in companies such as O Globo, Gazeta Mercantil and Ernest & Young Consulting.

Meet a few of our executives: seta

Hildebrando Neto

Director of FSB Advertising

Graduated in Publicity and Advertising from PUC-Campinas, with postgraduate studies in Marketing and Brand Management from ESPM São Paulo. In marketing, he worked as a manager at Fiesp, and in advertising, as a copywriter and creative director for clients such as: Basf Química, Claro, CSN, Epson, Fiat Automóveis, Grupo Algar, Grupo Bradespar and Bradesco, Grupo CPFL Energia, Grupo Votorantim, Samsung and Pfizer, among others. He was also a professor in services marketing management in the graduate studies course at FAAP-SP. As a professor, he founded the advertising and marketing course of FACAMP, the first full-time course in Brazil.

Marcelo Tokarski

Director of FSB Research

Graduated in Journalism from Unesp, with 18 years experience on the editorial staff of daily newspapers, he has worked as a reporter at Correio Popular , as a reporter and editor, and at Correio Braziliense as a special economics reporter, front page editor and Cities editor. He has also worked for Grupo DPaschoal and on political campaigns. Part of FSB since July 2013, he is the Research director of the FSB Research Institute, in Brasília.

Rachel Mello


Planning Director in Brasília. At FSB, Rachel used to be the director of the FSB Research Institute. Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Brasília, journalist. She also worked as head of Communication for UNISEF and the IDB in Brazil.

Renato Salles

General Director of FSB Brasília

Graduated in Business Administration, with a specialization in information systems and a Master’s Degree in Knowledge and Information Technology Management. He worked for 15 years in a nationwide company, which specialized in the development and implementation of management solutions for Public Administration, as a project manager, operations manager, executive manager, administrative director and commercial director.

Luciano Pires

Director of FSB Media and Analysis

He was a special reporter at Correio Braziliense, where he created and kept up the Blog do Servidor (Blog for Civil Servants). Before that, he coordinated the Economics desk in the Brasília branch of Jornal do Brasil. He also worked as an Economics and Business reporter for the magazine Isto É Dinheiro. In addition, he was the front page editor of the website Agência, editor and coordinator of the portal of the University of Brasília (UnB), collaborator for the website Pelé.net and political reporter for the website Panorama Brasil.

Gabriela Wolthers

General Director of the FSB office in Rio de Janeiro

Graduated in Journalism from PUC in São Paulo. Worked for 14 years at Folha de S. Paulo at the newspaper’s headquarters in São Paulo and in the Brasília and Rio de Janeiro branches. Worked as a reporter, Politics coordinator in Brasília, Brazil desk assistant editor, Brazil desk deputy editor and deputy director (Newsroom desk) of the Rio de Janeiro branch. At FSB since 2007, Gabriela took over the general management of Rio de Janeiro in January 2015, being responsible for the Ipanema and Downtown offices, which have more than 300 employees and 95 clients.

Luciana Martinusso

Account Director

Journalist with postgraduate studies in Marketing from IBMEC, specialized in Corporate Communication. She has over 15 years experience in press relations and corporate communication.

Rizzo Miranda

Director of Digital Innovation

Journalist with MBA in Marketing (Coppead / UFRJ) and specialization in innovation at MIT (Massachusetts / USA) and Silicon Valley (San Francisco / USA). She worked as an entrepreneur and in her digital agency created a methodology called VRM – Virtual Relationship Management. At FSB, he developed successful digital cases for private and public clients such as Roche, Rio de Janeiro Government, Rede Globo, Oi, Cielo, Microsoft, Ipiranga and the Ministry of Sports (2014 World Cup). Highlight for the Silver Lion (Cannes, 2011), for the Rio de Janeiro Government (best use of social media). She is an official jury of i-Com, an international event of Data and Monitoring.

Marcelo Montenegro

Account Director

Marcelo graduated in Journalism from the Methodist University of São Paulo, with postgraduate studies in Organizational Communication at the Cásper Líbero School of Social Communication and an MBA in Business Management from HSM Educação. He has been at FSB Comunicações since May 2006 and is responsible for the accounts of Grupo Votorantim and its industrial divisions, in addition to clients in the areas of infrastructure, retail, real estate, culture and the nonprofit sector. He has developed communication and crisis management projects for Ambev, Electric Power Trade Chamber (CCEE), Honda, Medley Indústria Farmacêutica, Queiroz Galvão Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, Souza Cruz and Unilever. Marcelo has experience in the planning and implementation of multidisciplinary projects involving categories of products and building of institutional positions.

Paula Pereira

Account Director

With a degree in Social Communication from the Cásper Líbero Foundation, in São Paulo, she worked for more than 15 years on news and editing in major news rooms, such as O Estado de S. Paulo, Revista Época and Núcleo da Revista Veja. She has been working at FSB since 2009, coordinating the care of clients such as Centro Paula Souza, Detran SP, Department of Sports, Recreation and Youth and Department of Public Management.

Paulo Sadalla

Account Director

With a degree in Journalism and postgraduate studies in Marketing, Paulo has 15 years of experience in journalism and corporate communication. He has worked for media outlets such as Gazeta Mercantil and TV Cultura, as well as for companies such as EPTE/CTEEP.

Débora Ribeiro

Manager of Internal Communication

Débora graduated in Journalism from the Cásper Líbero Foundation and is an expert in Corporate Communication, Internal Communication, Economics and Sustainability. She is responsible for project management and development of concepts and content for different initiatives such as communication campaigns (external and internal), the Annual Report, Sustainability Report and publications, among others. She previously worked in the communication offices of NovaDutra, Jornal O Globo, the website, Rádio CBN, Rádio Jovem Pan and the magazine Veja São Paulo.

Priscila Lambert

Account Director

Graduated in Journalism 18 years ago and has experience in public communication and communication crisis management. At the start of her career in São Paulo, she was a reporter for the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, and together with colleagues received the Ayrton Senna Institute of Journalism award for a series of articles on “adolescence at risk”. She was also chief editor of the virtual culture magazine on the Submarino website and advised the national president of the Worker’s Party (PT) in the area of communication. Priscila has been working in Brasília since 2006, during which time she was assistant advisor for the presidential reelection campaign of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, coordinated the press office of the Ministry of Health and was a special advisor to the Office of the Chief of Staff. She has been the director of customer service at FSB-DF for three years.

Fernando Teixeirense

Account Director

Graduated in Journalism 12 years ago, with postgraduate studies in Sustainable Development and Environmental Law. He started his career at Correio Brazilense and worked on the editorial staff of TV Brasília and TV Nacional. Fernando specialized in press relations in the area of infrastructure. He coordinated communication for the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Department of Civil Aviation, and for electricity distributors. He was a consultant for clients in the areas of transport, energy, oil and politics, and also worked for the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Senate and Eletrobras.

Ludmila Luz

Account Director

Graduated in Journalism from IniCeub and did postgraduate studies in public communication at the Institute of Higher Education of Brasília (IESB). Ludmila worked at Correio Braziliense as a reporter for columns and international news. She specialized in press relations and headed up the communication offices of the Ministries of Defense and Justice.

Darse Júnior

Account Director

Head of the Communication Office for the Vice Governor’s Office and Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the Federal District for two years. He also worked as a reporter at Correio Braziliense for two years and as an image crisis management consultant for the Government of Santa Catarina. Darse is also the author of the book Reconstrução do Buriti and editor of the books Brasília 47 anos and Brasília 48 anos. He currently works on the Ministry of Tourism account.

Paulo Rossi

Account Director

In the beginning of his career, he was an information analyst at CAP Software, in the areas of news clippings, preparation of parliamentary profiles and monitoring of voting in the National Congress. In April 1991, he was hired by Correio Braziliense. In the course of his 20 years at the newspaper, he did the following jobs: Cities reporter (1991); Sports reporter (1991-1992); Sports coordinator (1992-1994); Brazil editor (1994-1995); World editor (1995-1998); Sports editor (1998-2009); Elections deputy editor (1998); Elections editor (2002); and Internet editor (June 2009 to April 2011). In terms of education, he has a degree in journalism from UnB, an MBA from the Dom Cabral Foundation, in the Business Development Partnership program, in 1997, and an advanced course in Multimedia from the University Center of Brasília (UniCeub), in 2008.

Mariana Pinheiro

Account Director

Mariana has a degree in Journalism from UniverCidade. She started her career at TV Bandeirantes and then moved to TV Globo where she worked in the production of editing of RJ TV, Bom dia Rio, Bom Dia Brasil, Jornal Hoje and Jornal Nacional. She took an extension course in Broadcasting at NYU, in New York, and has worked for 13 years at FSB.

Rodrigo Camarão

Account Director

A journalist, with a degree from the School of Communication of UFRJ, he was a special reporter, Politics editor and Economy editor of Jornal do Brasil from 2005 to 2008. He also worked on different news desks at the newspaper O DIA from 2000 to 2005. Rodrigo completed a Master’s Degree in Political Science at the Center for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CFCH) of UFRJ. He also participated in politics courses at IUPERJ. He has been working at FSB since 2008, where he serves different clients from the public and private sectors, and has experience in crisis management and spokesperson training.

Betina Bernardes

Account Director

A journalist, with a Master’s Degree in Policy Development from Université de Bordeaux III, in France, she worked for ten years at Folha de S. Paulo. She has worked in corporate communication and at FSB since 2006.

Michelle Monteiro

Manager of FSB Design

Graduated in Visual Communication from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 2004. She worked at Dínamo Design for eight years, where she eventually became the Creative Director.

Ana Busch

Director of FSB Advertising and FSB Digital

Ana was the multimedia director at Folha de S.Paulo for over ten years, responsible for strategic management of the group on the Internet and for managing projects in the areas of technology and content development for websites and mobile devices. In 1999, she was in charge of hiring the team, the launch and publication of Folha Online, which she directed for 11 years.

Paula Barcellos

Account Director

With a degree in Journalism from PUC-Rio, she worked at Jornal do Brasil, on the Politics, International and Ideas & Books editorial staffs. In São Paulo, she was a business reporter for Exame magazine. She has a specialization in Brazilian literature from UERJ and is taking the Training in Psychoanalysis course. In Corporation Communication, she managed the image of companies such as Odebrecht and headed up the customer service front for the culture sector. She has been working at FSB since 2011 and oversees a group of accounts such as McKinsey, Ambev, Fibria, Banco Votorantim etc.