FSB announces 2016 Annual Report

FSB announced this month the 2016 Annual Report, a key instrument for the agency’s promotion with clients, prospectors, suppliers, partners and employees.

As in other years, the document has a message signed by FSB founding partner Francisco Soares Brandão. “Today, FSB has consolidated a leading position in the Brazilian and Latin American markets, has a solid base of clients from the most varied sectors of the economy, diversified its online and offline services offerings and formed a strong and multidisciplinary team. Still, it remains as restless as ever, constantly seeking to innovate and transform itself,” he says.

In addition to strengthening FSB’s principles and values, the 21st edition of the report highlights the growth of the agency during the year and explains the new positioning of the company: “Relationships generate results”. Developed in partnership with Touch Branding, led by Ricardo Sapiro, the concept reflects the purpose that will guide all the actions of FSB, always focused on establishing solid relationships to generate concrete results for our clients’ businesses. Changes include reassessment of the agency’s organizational and staffing structure.

Have you received your copy? Check out all the topics covered in the 2016 Annual Report. Enjoy reading!