Innovation from Pão de Açúcar Group on TV screens

Technology has an impact on every aspect of the consumption process, from first contact with the brand or product to building
loyalty. The concept is already a concrete innovation that benefits customers from the Pão de Açúcar Group. The My
Discount app, which was a news story on the program Conta Corrente, of GloboNews, provides personalized offers based on
the consumption habits of customers in supermarkets.

According to the purchasing history of each customer in the loyalty program of the chains (Clube Extra and Pão de Açúcar
Mais), the brands’ applications will advertise 30 totally personalized and exclusive offers for each customer, based on
the products they've purchased the most in each chain. If the user is not yet a customer, it's not a problem: the application will
allocate high-relevance products, based on the history of people with the same purchasing behavior.

– This is the way of the future. Send each customer individual, personalized offers – explained Renato Camargo, loyalty
manager of the Pão de Açúcar Group, which is an FSB client.

Watch the video ‘Empresas apostam na tecnologia para decifrar o desejo do consumidor’ (Companies invest in
technology to decipher the desires of consumers).