The media has the power to broadcast messages and positions to a wide variety of stakeholders. It also has the means to shape images of products, consolidate reputation, establish concepts of services and create personalities. FSB is highly proficient in media relations and clearly and transparently instructs each client regarding the most effective way to approach the different types of media.

FSB believes that communication is a tool to position a company, publicize products, prevent crises, increase or contain exposure, launch products and reposition brands. Therefore, it trains spokespersons (media training and coaching), generates news and develops interfaces with opinion columns (media advocacy), among other services.

In addition, through its Media and Analysis center, it produces content that includes bulletins and periodic media analyses, newsletters, image thermometers and special studies. They are effective products, with political and business analyses and image measurement and evaluation in the media, demonstrated via tables and graphs, in an effort to facilitate communication strategies.