Relations generate results. This is FSB Comunicação’s new positioning, and it was developed in partnership with Touch Branding, led by Ricardo Sapiro. The concept reflects the purpose that will guide all Company actions, always focused on establishing strong relationships to generate concrete results for our clients’ businesses.

“The work we did with Touch was extremely successful because we were able to capture the essence of FSB and translate it into a straightforward, clear, and direct positioning,” notes FSB founding partner, Francisco Soares Brandão. “Always establishing relationships to build and generate concrete results for our clients, trying to surpass their expectations, was the cornerstone of our project from the onset, and it will become a clear purpose for our teams.”

In 2016, the agency underwent a major restructuring, which abandoned the geographical model and began to focus on the structuring of specialized verticals, with a deep knowledge of the different target audiences of our clients and the reality of each sector of the economy.

FSB works with four specialized verticals. With long experience in developing communication and crisis management strategies for corporations and entities, Melchiades Filho is partner-director of Private Clients at FSB. Within this area, there are three distinct verticals: the one focused on the Corporate sector, also led by Melchiades; Services and Finance, led by Alcides Ferreira, one of the most experienced communications professionals in the industry; and the Consumer vertical, one of the fastest growing areas for FSB in the last years, which is led by Diego Ruiz, which has gone through some of the leading consumer products companies on the market.

Another priority for FSB is the vertical of public sector, led by Gabriela Wolthers and Renato Salles, both with great experience in the management of government communication, including clients such as the Ministries of Health and Defense and the Governments of Rio and São Paulo. The transversal ones are managed by Diego Ruiz (digital) and Ana Busch (content).