FSB Expert gives workshop at YouTube Space

What can you teach YouTubers, some of whom have more than 1.5 million followers on their channels? Invited to give a workshop at YouTube Space, Janaina Lellis, a digital expert from FSB, addressed crisis management in the digital realm and how to leverage audiovisual content on other platforms. At the end, she presented tools for monitoring and disseminating
all content produced.

– Creating content, involving spectators/Internet users is natural for this group. I discussed strategy, technical discipline, and how to measure one's success, explained Jana, who is a creator herself.

The workshop was attended by the major channels, such as Castro Brothers, with 1.7 million subscribers; niche content producers in areas such as lifestyle, children and makeup; and the social media team of state deputy Marcelo Freixo. YouTube Space Rio is located in Mauá Square. Channels with at least 1,000 subscribers have a possibility of enrolling in certain workshops. The higher the number of followers, the
greater the possibilities are for courses and training, such as Camera and Set Design with Gui Machado, director of photography of Porto dos Fundos.