FSB launches ninth edition of Media and Politics 2016

FSB Research has launched Media and Politics 2016. The ninth edition of the survey continues the longest and most complete study into the information habits of Brazil’s federal congressmen and women. This year, in addition to the series monitoring the history of newspaper, Internet, radio, TV and interview consumption, Media and Politics brings with it a number of new features, such as an index of congressional trust in various information media.

The FSB team interviewed 230 congressional representatives from 26 different parties. According to the study, print newspapers are still the main source of information for 43% of lawmakers interviewed. 32% get their news from the Internet, 16% from TV and 6% from the radio.

The survey also shows that “Folha de S. Paulo” is the newspaper of choice for the ninth consecutive year, with 65% of responses, followed by “O Estado de S. Paulo” (41%), “O Globo” (31%), “Valor Econômico” (14%) and “Correio Braziliense” (12%).

For the first time this year, Media and Politics also investigated the level of trust among congressional representatives in content available across various news media. Figures reveal that print newspapers are the most reliable source of information (70%).  Ranked second are news radio and TV news programs, tied at 60%, followed by news websites and portals (51%), weekly magazines (47%), blogs (34%), Twitter (19%) and Facebook (18%).

The survey was launched at a number of events held at the Rio, São Paulo and Brasilia offices. They were attended by around 70 clients and partners, including CNI, NTU, Aneor, Energisa, Governo do Rio, Prefeitura do Rio, OAB-RJ, IRB-Brasil, Oxiteno, Pão de Açúcar, Arteris, Abrainc, Brasil Kirin, Instituto Butantan, ITV, the SP Culture Secretariat SP, Ambev, CNT, TIM, Shell, Braskem, Facebook, CBIC and FTI Consulting. Access the full version of the study: Media and Politics 2016 Report

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