The goal of FSB Investor Relations is to help increase the market value of its clients through solutions integrated with the company’s other communication activities, in order to consolidate its image and reputation.

  • Liquidity and return – FSB believes in communication of results. Promoting and defending the image and reputation of clients is our priority.
  • Institutional support – FSB constantly strives to maintain excellent relationships with opinion leaders.
  • Larger scale – FSB is an integrated communication agency, with over 30 years of experience and a complete portfolio of products and services.
  • Expertise – We know the language of the market and how to develop a relationship of trust between investors and companies.
  • We understand your need – We provide superior experience in serving our clients.


Before the company enters the market

  • Training and courses for the main executives

IPO, issuance of debentures, launch of real estate funds

  • Development and dissemination of the transaction
  • Definition of the main messages
  • Preparation and publication of the prospectus
  • Preparation of the administration for the calendar of financial events
  • Communication for the internal public
  • Trade press relations
  • Launch event
  • Official advertising

Events calendar for publicly held companies

  • Investor Relations website
  • Teleconferences with analysts and press
  • Preparation of presentations and meetings for analysts
  • Trade press interviews
  • Perception studies
  • Organization of meetings – Relations with market entities and associations
  • Preparation of balance sheets, management reports, annual reports and sustainability reports
  • Notices to the market, CVM, Stock Exchange
  • Organization and holding of “Day of the Investor”
  • Training and courses
  • Official advertising

Material facts

  • Strategic and segmented communication for the company’s different stakeholders, defining messages, media and sensitivities in each segment
  • Preparation of a detailed plan for the announcement(s) that will be made to different constituencies
  • Mitigation of the risk of leakage and market rumors
  • Preparation of content to be disseminated and training for spokespersons
  • Monitoring and research
  • Official advertising