CSC Iguatemi

62% of our population is connected to social networks and 92% of users spend, on average, 3.8 hours in this environment (1 hour more than Americans).

In the clothing and footwear segment, 45.92% of customer contacts are made through the Facebook and Twitter platforms.

We understand that brands that start their relationship with their audience in a genuine and personalized way are much more respected and admired.

This, together with the fact that social networks influence the perception of a brand and the power of interactions to relate to its audience, FSB created a SAC strategy to bring Iguatemi closer to its audience. After all, people want to be heard and increasingly want brands that speak to them in a real way.

In just 4 months ahead of Grupo Iguatemi’s CSC (Customer Service Center) 2.0, FSB doubled the volume of positive comments regarding the brand. The positive feeling went from 19% to 38%. In addition, we were able to create new human connections with customers, who began to praise and repost the interactions of shopping malls on the chains.
All of this was possible thanks to artificial intelligence: all comments are captured and classified according to sentimentalization and follow the flow of care.

But the great difference of the FSB is beyond AI, because in addition to technology, we operate in a strategic and humanized way, with a team look. The FSB team interacts with each comment individually and generates more conversations, more connections with the brand, more brand lovers and opportunities to leave the brand in the mindset of each user.